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Asian Mill Inc. acquired the Tea House Chinese Restaurant in Plymouth in 1998. It is the first Chinese restaurant to bring authentic Szechuan food to Minnesota in 2002. Through continuous improvement of proprietary recipes, service and ambience, Tea House has now at the forefront of genuine Chinese restaurants in Minneapolis/St. Paul area.

Tea House Chinese Restaurant

We adjusted our strategy in 2014 and sold our restaurants in Plymouth, Minneapolis Skyway and St. Paul. The Tea House restaurants in Plymouth and St. Paul are now owned and operated by other independent owners.

We are focusing on only one location on University of Minnesota Twin Cities campus and have been continuously improving overall customer experience including food, service and ambience.

Now we set our focus to the rest of China. From the resting place of the Terracotta Warriors in Shaanxi, to the Forbidden City in Beijing, we seek to bring you the best of Chinese cuisines.

Welcome to Tea House @ University!

亚工股份有限公司于1998年收购位于Plymouth的香园饭店。2002年,它成为第一家将正宗川菜介绍到明尼苏达州的中国餐馆。 通过不断改进独特的配方,服务和就餐环境,如今香园已经处于明尼阿波利斯/圣保罗地区正宗中国餐厅的前列。






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